Dear Chief Constable

I have told you many times of the waste of police time by Stockport Council regarding Mr Parnell and you did nothing. I shall cc this to Michael White of the Guardian and several MPs who have concerns about the LibDems and their actions.

Mr Parnell emailed me this today – you will see he is a simple man who needs help:-

“Tue 4th January 2011 this was the first day the Fred Perry House was opened to the public, i walked passed and the council phoned the police and they were searching for me,
the next day i stopped outside to talk to someone who told me about the day before then within 5 minutes the police came and arrested me 2 oclock three police vehicals they took me to cheadle heath police station held me until 23:45 hrs released no charge but on police bail to go back 19th jan, on tue 11th went into fred perry house to contact welfare rights office and was again after only 5 minutes being there arrested at 1 oclock released 19:30hrs police taking no further action when will the council stop victimising me with their disability,they say in this their film this building is to be accessable to all people,…”

I have sat through most of his trials – he didn’t commit the assault with a sneeze alleged against him by Stockport Council by guards who admitted in court they had threatened to kill him and said when the Croation supports came to Piccadilly they would kick their f*cking heads in and pretend they were kicking him. This is all in the trial transcripts. Then we had the £10,000 per day 3 day trial where he was accused of nothing more than going to Stopford House (Stopford House, you may know was the location for the corrupt 1970s police station in Life on Mars – yes, quite!)

I don’t know whether there is any Masonic issue here with the Council, the Police and Stockport CPS – I don’t know what else would explain the lunacy in persecuting this man. The Coroner has criticised Stockport Council for repeatedly driving vulnerable people to suicide and in the Serious Case Reviews of those tragedies Stockport Council said it would help people who came to them asking for help with vulnerable children. Barry Khan, Council Solicitor, Councillor Weldon, Councillor Derbyshire, Councillor Goddard, Eamonn Boylan and Andrew Webb are all paid huge sums of money to sort out problems like Mr. Parnell’s. Imprisoning him is not a solution. They need to get off their backsides and do their jobs and stop wasting police and court time and hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

The LibDems pretend they are concerned about human rights and control orders. They are, as everyone is finding out, liars.

I would like some sort of response from you.

Yours without much expectation of any sensible response.