But he did nothing about it –

Dear Mr Stunell

The toxic waste dump school cost rose from £5.5 million in October 2005 to £7.5 million in December 2005 to £8.2 million by July 2006.

Now, as a person who apparently believes in people looking under the bonnet of local government, why am I branded vexatious (still after six years) for asking about this matter? How on earth can a primary school shoot up in cost like that over eight months? The cost then shot up to £9.9 million.

I look forward to receiving your response to pass on to other parties.

I wonder if you recall that I have provided you with all this documentary evidence in the past, yet you saw nothing to be concerned about at that time.

There is more, much, much more, not least of which is the failure to comply with the law to hold a public inquiry into the compulsory purchase of the land for the school, why it got through planning at all as it should have been refused on traffic grounds alone, never mind the brown asbestos, lead and arsenic on the entire site. I believe Michael Gove is bothered by asbestos in schools, so why on earth this should have been deliberately put on brown asbestos with full knowledge of the nature of the site and no contamination investigations to be done is anyone’s guess, but mine is corruption in planning at Stockport Council.