Here we enter the fantasy world of hide and seek.

Bewilderwood involves ostensibly sound people offering to run a children’s theme park in Tatton Park for the park and the council. This offer comes with a “we can’t raise the £5 million needed up front from conventional sources” – Could the reason possibly be that the project does not stand up? Predictions have been done, but who really knows? After all, the experts involved at Lyme Green fell short of the mark, and should not have advised to go ahead up to the £1 million mark on fees before calling a halt.

The “offer” also comes with a right granted to Cheshire East Council to step in if the project fails, so could the Council really succeed where the pros couldn’t?

So, Cheshire East Council will put up the £5 million and have already met some expenses. A “broker” is so confident of success he will give Cheshire East Council the rights to some of his books! What’s this worth? The right – what are the odds? More fantasy!