13 October 2013 05:3

Dear Inspector Clitherow

I would like to take up your offer of a meeting to discuss Mr Parnell’s case. Obviously, I don’t want the sort of meeting to say that we have had a meeting meeting (tick that box), with no outcome or proper record of what has been done, as Mr Parnell was subjected to for years.

I can meet you late afternoon and I would like to schedule the meeting once I have had the reply from the police to my Freedom of Information requests.

Some of the points I would like to address are:-

1) Following Mr Parnell’s suicide attempt in a police cell, what serious attempts were made to sort out his simple problem? This suicide attempt was referred to by Judge Bernard Lever in Mr Parnell’s 3 day Crown Court aquittal.

2) There were many incidents I did not witness, but I did experience Mr Parnell being arrested with blue flashing lights for using the town hall public lavatory, when he had written authority to do so from the Council Chief Executive. I also had to beg to stop him being arrested for the “crime” of leaving a council meeting early. Please remember at no time was Mr Parnell ever found guilty of any crime. He was almost Gandi-like in the peaceful nature of his protest. During his trials no evidence was submitted of him ever being rude, aggressive or violent, and if they had it on CCTV they would have shown it, believe me. Why did the police allow themselves to be used in this manner by local politicians? Many police officers were extremely kind to Mr Parnell. When Mrs Parnell unexpectedly found him dead, two of the police officers who responded to the 999 call were lovely, knew Mike and had been kind to him in the past. The problem lies with senior officers who allowed this Schweinerei to continue.

3) When Mr Parnell tried to report the Data Protection crime by Stockport Council of putting his name, address and signature up on the Council’s website and refusing for five days after it was brought to their attention in a public meeting to remove it, why was Mr Parnell arrested for this “crime” of reporting a crime three times over one weekend? The Council also committed the offence of refusing to remove my name, address and signature too.


4) Why was Mr Parnell repeatedly arrested for reporting with video evidence that Council employees were threatening to “kick his f*cking head in” or threatening to kill him? This evidence was shown in his 3 day Crown Court aquittal process.

5) What action do the police intend to take with regards to Mr Parnell’s family? The main issue, I believe, is to clear his name. He never was a criminal. He was never found guilty of anything except asking for his legal right to counselling help for his lovely daughters adopted from Stockport Council who had had a terrible time with their birth parents. One of the girls had the wrong details on her official documents, so if he took her to A & E she didn’t exist. He wanted that legal anomaly sorted out for her. Not a lot to ask for, is it? Not worth driving him to his death for. And how much worse have the police, council, CPS and Magistrates’ Court made the lives of those young girls?

I look forward to finally sorting this mess out, posthumously for Mr Parnell.

Yours sincerely