Subject: letter of authorisation requested by SMBC
Date: Friday, 27 January, 2012, 23:28

Dear Sheila, and all who it may passed too

Hello How are you, Michael Parnell here please accept this my full acknowledgement that you may use this correspondence in any way you feel it to be so required.

Re: Letter of Authorisation requested by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and in response this my acknowledgement to that request requires certain protocols to be followed, I Michael Stewart Parnell d.o.b 20,05,1955 of X XXXXXXX, Stockport, do so Agree that I am in full support that you be so authorised to submit any request that whether it is from yourself or by any other resident living or working in Stockport on your or any ones else’s own submission, that your requests made to stockport metropolitan borough council about any issue or with reference to myself of how i have been treated or about how much it may have cost the public purse or whether there has been any unlawfulness or illegalities in any aspects, any person who so wishes to submit a request of information does receive my full authorisation and I do so give that Authorisation to those in receipt of this email, Confirmation I do so Authorise anyone in receipt of this email to submit any request they they feel is so require whether the matter subject is about any issue or whether it is over issue with reference toward i Michael Stewart Parnell,