Dear Councillor Smith

Do start council meeting knitting; that would be brilliant. I know Cllr Weldon sends his emails during the meeting, so why not (he has emailed me during a full council meeting). The reporter, Peter Devine, told me last night there is a knit-in happening at Chadkirk Chapel so I might go along. I think I will knit a Councillor Goddard, if I can get enough stuffing.

Wonderful if you make your own enquiries about Mike Parnell – that is just what we need.

The Council won’t get a bad report if it never acknowledges official complaints, will it? Scullion still hasn’t acknowledged receipt of mine since July over several million pounds. Also maybe you should speak to the parents of the autistic children regarding what has happened to them. I can give you their email addresses if you want. Don’t forget Haringey got a glowing report too before Baby P died. I would love the Council to get things right because people would have a better quality of life, the council tax wouldn’t be wasted and I could go back to reading and tackling the damn Himalayan Balsam everywhere.

Lots of love



Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 1:07 PM

Subject: RE: Mr Parnell

Thank you for your reply.

I heard your comments at Council last night but was more intrigued by the knitting. Brilliant idea particularly when things get a touch tedious.

Will have to make my own enquiries re your comments and draw my own conclusions.

Incidentally, in the light of your campaign against the Lib Dem Group, the news of Stockport Council’s latest performance assessment – 4* and improving – wouldn’t have gladdened your heart presumably. However, we must be getting something right.

Ann Smith