Email sent – 27 March 2012 18:27

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Dear Mr Majothi

I have absolutely no confidence that you will investigate this complaint in a proper fashion. Over the many, many years this has been going on you could have solved the problem of Mr Parnell by providing the statutory help that he was entitled to for his troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council and you could have done this at minimal cost possibly five years ago.

It would be ludicrous for you to investigate this complaint. A complete whitewash.

I look forward to hearing the response from someone senior to deal with this matter. This case is being taken to the Inspectorate for the CPS, who are again today highly critical in the press of the prosecutions they are bringing. Mr Parnell’s prosecutions didn’t even meet the CPS’s own basic, legally binding guidelines for prosecuting a case.

All responses from the Council will be posted up in the public domain and forwarded to the very many enemies of the LibDems. Rupert Murdoch seems to be cleaning up politics now (it is a funny old World), and I can contact him directly via Twitter about what is going on here. I think the Council needs to make sure all its actions stand up to close scrutiny, because Mr Murdoch is hell bent on revenge on dodgy Coalition politicians. Just think of the human rights the Council has abused in this case, not only of Mr Parnell but his daughters and wife. The Council has a track record of driving vulnerable people to suicide. You should have helped him – that is your job. The LibDems believe in human rights; they are against waste of public money. Well, this must have cost me as a taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds and I am jolly annoyed about it. Just think how this case would look splashed everywhere highlighting their double standards. Rupert Murdoch would love this one.


Mrs Oliver

PS I have told you why I am unhappy with the Stage 1 complaint. Here we go again around in never ending circles, just as we did with what I correctly stated was the school on a dangerous toxic waste dump.