Keir Starmer QC

Director of Public Prosecutions

50 Ludgate Hill

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dear Keir Starmer

Re: Michael Parnell, Stockport, URN: 06J1347508

I am very concerned regarding how the above-named gentleman has been treated by the CPS at Stockport.

He tried to get help from Stockport Council for his troubled adopted daughters, who had a terrible time with their birth parents, for over a decade. When he got nowhere (Stockport is a dreadful council and three people have committed suicide or been unlawfully killed recently following contact with the Children and Young People’s Directorate, including the lady who jumped off the Humber Bridge with her 9-year-old autistic son) after the Council refused to help him, Mr. Parnell stood outside the town hall at Stockport emulating his hero, Brian Haw, in peaceful protest. He is enormously popular with local people.

He has had the police called to him 91 times by Stockport Council, had 13 arrests, one trial dropped on the day of the hearing, one criminal ASBO (incorrectly filled out and presumably not even a legal document) for an alleged sneeze which did not show up on the CCTV footage of the incident that was not allowed to be shown in the magistrates court. The court would appear to have close links and partnership agreements with Stockport Council. Mr. Parnell wished to exercise his human right to attend council meetings and question elected representatives, but the Council had him arrested for breaching his CRASBO for using the town hall public lavatory. On that occasion the police had been summoned as an emergency by the Council with blue flashing lights. He spent time in a particularly tough Manchester prison for that ‘crime’.

Mr. Parnell was again arrested for breaching his CRASBO conditions of not going within a mile of the town hall in attending Stockport Police Station to report a crime (he tried to phone but it is almost impossible to get hold of Stockport police by phone and this problem is repeatedly mentioned in council meetings) and sitting on a bench to take a stone out of his shoe. Someone from the Council saw him and called the police. Despite being in very ill health, which the Court was fully aware of, Mr. Parnell was sent back to Forrest Bank prison. He was treated initially as a paedophile by the other prisoners. Because he was so ill, he went immediately to the medical block and they knew his alleged crime (which remember was only an alleged and not an actual pre-swine flu sneeze) involved children (which remember was only his trying to get counselling for his adopted daughters). The prison officers treated him very kindly as eventually did the other prisoners, and Stockport Council and the CPS would appear to held in contempt by the prisoners for how they have treated lovely, gentle, kind Mr. Parnell. How bad must the Council and the CPS be to be looked down on by hardened criminals in a tough Manchester prison? Eventually a judge realised how sick Mr. Parnell was and released him to, I think, two years house arrest from 8 am to 8pm. His only crime to earn him this two years house arrest and multiple incarcerations was to be a thorn in the side of our local LibDem council in asking for help.

After weeks at home waiting for his tagging equipment, some chaps came the day before yesterday, I think, to install the electrical box in his home. As this was not a new piece of electrical equipment and it invalidates one’s house insurance to have commercial electrical equipment in one’s home which has not passed up-to-date electrical checks, Mr. Parnell questioned this with the installers, who spent several hours at his house trying to sort the problem out before eventually leaving without installing the equipment.

The police came to Mr. Parnell’s home following a 999 call from him (possibly concerning his troubled adopted daughters for whom he has gone through all this harassment). The police came into his home and arrested him for not being tagged, although it was not his fault that the electrical equipment was not of the required legal safety standard and hadn’t been installed. It beggars belief that this happened but nevertheless, it did. He was in court yesterday and fortunately, this time, the magistrates seemed to take a sensible stance and found him not guilty of a breach of his CRASBO by being in his own home in the middle of the night under the house arrest and not having the correct electrical equipment installed.

Were all the above not bad enough, we now come to the actions of the CPS gentleman who has consistently dealt with this case – a Mr. Eddie Cole???? Apparently, yesterday he was determined to see Mr. Parnell back in prison for this ridiculous ‘offence’ and pushed and pushed mentioning incidents totally irrelevant to yesterday’s case, including the non-sneeze event. I don’t know why Mr. Cole?? should have such a determination to see an innocent and very sick man put back into our very overcrowded prisons. I shall cc this to the Prison Officers’ Association, who were yesterday reported in the Guardian at their annual conference as saying how they couldn’t cope with the massive prison population.

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester is fully aware of what is going on and has taken no action to deal with this abuse of police time by Stockport Council. Why on earth they should now feel obliged to arrest someone in their own home in the middle of the night because the suppliers had failed to supply tagging equipment to the correct safety standard is totally beyond me, yet the police in Stockport fail repeatedly to attend to genuine incidences of crime.

I would like you to look into the case of Mr. Parnell. I even believe the bail document is incorrectly filled out and not of legal standing, so presumably all these subsequent and ridiculous arrests have been illegal anyway.

I would like you to look into the issue of how the Leader of Stockport Council was able to send me confidential court documents. How on earth did he get hold of them? Why would he want to send them to me in what seemed to be a gloating email about a sick gentleman, who was only seeking help for his troubled daughters, being sent to prison? How will that have affected these already troubled girls? Following the suicide/unlawful killing from the Humber Bridge of Alison Davies, Stockport Council has stated that it put in place policies to deal with people who came to them asking for help for children. They certainly didn’t try to help Mr. Parnell, but just had him harassed and repeatedly arrested.

I am beginning to suspect there is some Masonic involvement going on here. I don’t know what else would explain the dangerous lunacy that is going on in Stockport between the police, court and council.

I shall cc this to various interested parties.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information, Environmental and Human Rights Campaigner