Keir Starmer QC

Director of Public Prosecutions

50 Ludgate Hill

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Mr Starmer

I enclose two previous letters sent to you and I also enclose authorisation from Mr. Parnell for you to release documents regarding his case to me.

In addition I enclose a copy of a letter sent to HM Treasury about waste of public money by Stockport CPS

Please let me have details of what has gone on regarding Mr. Parnell’s case. A national journalist is keen to cover his November trial, so to have all the relevant documents to hand to give to her immediately following Mr. Parnell’s trial would be beneficial.

I don’t want to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds of my money (including police time, court time, prison time and ultimately compensation for him) persecuting an innocent man, and I won’t let this drop.

Yours sincerely

Sheila Oliver