Mr Parnell

Mr Peter Jones, Recovery Manager.


Prior to the girls being placed with Mr. & Mrs. Parnell, an assessment was done on their income. The Council agreed they had a low income – less than £10,000 take home pay. Mrs. Parnell gave up her job to look after the girls. It was recommended by placement officers that Mr. Parnell didn’t do the overtime he had been doing in order to be able to spend quality time with the girls. Mr. Parnell’s wage was so low he should have been eligible for council tax benefit. At the beginning the couple didn’t receive child benefit, which is automatically set in process for non-adopted children when they are born and the birth is registered. For adopted children the process is different, and not something people can claim without advice.

The girls were put into care in 1991 in Wigan. In April 1993 they were placed with Stockport under Section 31 Local Authority Care Act. They were adopted in May 1996. Within 6 months of being taken into care there is a Permanence Order – In November 1995 Mr. & Mrs. Parnell gained a freeing order for the girls to be adopted.

The Council used to fund After Adoption, which they no longer do. This organization provided excellent counselling for the girls after adoption at the respective ages of 9 – 11 and 10 – 12. For such troubled children, serious professional help is needed.

The placing borough and receiving borough work together to do what is in the interests of the children.

In 1998 Mr. & Mrs. Parnell asked for a social worker and council tax help and were put on council tax benefit until 2002. Their circumstances have not changed since 2002.

Accounting year 2000 their council tax liability was £846.91p on their propery. The balance brought forward was £0. During 2000 there were no payments made because they were on full benefit.

2003 liability £1022.51p. They now owe £1679.27. Why?

The Council then informed them there had been mistakes – clerical errors and the Council demanded £5000 be paid back in one go. At the end of December 2003 it was agreed they should be receiving full benefit.

Council tax

Girls placed April 93 until 16/1/95 – during this time council tax was paid by Mr. Parnell but shouldn’t have been. He was not aware it wasn’t due.

He was on means tested benefit – he owed nothing. He did not claim child allowance, as no-one told them they could.

Payments transaction list for year 2010. Why are there transfer payments on this?

2009 Total Costs £66.00 for failed court case. This £66 should be refunded.

Council won’t go back before 2004

Council Tax Account details – Mrs K Parnell


Total property charge £574.32

Total payments – full amount

Paid by direct debit – all clear and correct


Total property charge £613.99

Total payments –

Paid by direct debit – all clear and correct

Last payment made 16/1/95


Total payment by direct debit until 17/7/95, when they went to court to get the children freed for adoption, which happened October 1995.

August 1995 – told to make payment of £3.86, which he paid – why?

Feb 1996 – told to clear account to pay £108.00 – paid by cheque – why?

Due total benefits

3/8/95 told he had £404.18 council tax benefit

2/1/96 – period 1/4/95 – 31/3/96 – told he owed £156.44 – why?

2/1/96 – period 1/4/95 – 31/3/96 – told he owed £ 13.04 – why?

12/2/96 – period 1/4/95 – 31/3/96 told he was + £56.66 – why?

12/2/96 – period 1/4/95 – 31/3/96 told he was + £8.78 – why?

28/2/96 – period 1/4/95 – 31/3/96 told he owed £0.01 – why?