These are those responsible past and present for not allowing this matter to be raised. In the event of the death of a child, hopefully they will face corporate manslaughter charges. Wouldn’t you have thought with her track record of already having caused a death, Councillor Shan Alexander would act a bit more responsibly?

The Executive Councillors are still banning questions on this subject as “vexatious”. Should anyone be voting for these unaccountable, dangerous people?

All through the long Vale View School process I and other people have pointed out the very dangerous traffic situation they would be creating. They banned me asking any council meeting or FOI questions on this subject since circa 2006.

Within one month of the school opening the police had complained to the Council about the dangerous traffic situation, as had many local residents. Have the Executive Councillors apologised to me? No, of course not, and they are still banning questions from me as of 21/10/13.

This is the nature of area where they put their toxic school:-

The entrance to the school is where the blue asterisk is on the photo below. Half of the houses in the photo below have to leave the area down narrow Mill Lane past the school. What sort of dangerous lunatics would put a school and a school entrance there? Answer, LibDem lunatics and dodgy council officers.
This is the police reporting their genuine concerns:

The above document can be more clearly read here –

I was completely correct about the traffic, as I was regarding the school being built too small. I lost a child in a road accident, which was nobody’s fault.

How dare these appalling LibDems councillors accuse me of being vexatious for raising genuine road safety concerns around a primary school – concerns shared by the police. Don’t vote for these dangerous lunatics.
The above document can be more clearly read here –

A couple of days before the planning meeting, the Highways Officer, Nick Whelan, said he hadn’t realised how big the school was going to be and the traffic arrangements were inadequate. Why had this man only just realised – I had had a meeting with him six months previously to point this very matter out.