Email sent 20/11/13

Dear FoI Officer

Just tell me any outcome of that meeting. You can redact all you like – just tell me what action if any they decided to take.

This matter is not going away and I shall put your reply up on the Internet.

Kind regards



20th November 2012

FOI 7887: Meeting between Mr Parnell and Goddard held 23rd March 2011 – Response

Dear Mrs Oliver,

I am writing in response to your request for information (ref FOI 7887).

The relevant Council Service(s) has searched for the requested information and our response is as follows.

The information you have requested is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act by virtue of Section 40 (Personal Data) and Section 41 (Confidential Information).

Section 40 relates to personal information, where the disclosure of this information may result in a breach of any of the Data Protection principles. As the records you have requested relate to a deceased individual, their information does not meet the criteria which defines ‘personal information’.

However, the information you have requested may also identify any number of other individuals and this information is exempt from disclosure under Section 40 of the FOI.

Section 41 relates to information which is confidential in nature and/or which was provided in confidence. The information you have requested relates to sensitive information of another. The Council holds a responsibility to the subject of this data to keep it confidential and protected from inappropriate disclosure. This duty of confidentiality survives death and the release of this information into the public domain under the FOIA would breach this.

Therefore the information you have requested cannot be provided under this legislation.

Dear FoI Officer

There is no data protection for the dead. Please let me have all documents pertaining to the meeting referred to above, agenda, minutes, outcome, what action Goddard took. If there is any information in there referring to Mr Parnell’s family, please feel free to block it out.

The police have confirmed in writing that Mr Parnell was a completely innocent man. It beggars belief the treatment he received which everyone knew about not least because I told them.

Kind regards