Text of a letter sent by a local resident to this week’s Stockport Express:-

“Thank you, Stockport Express, for revealing the latest twist in the saga of North Reddish School. Local esidents were appalled in September when we discovered that the school had been sold by Stockport Council at a knock-down price of £205k to a group of Birmingham businessmen.

The council was reluctant to reveal this to local residents even though details of the sale appeared on the Land Registry in July and were therefore a matter of public record. Now we are even more appalled to learn that the same group of businessmen plan to sell the buildings on at a potential profif of £500,000. Mr Hussein and his colleagues must be delighted at the possibility of making such a large profit for so little effort.

Is this state of affairs incompetence on the part of Stockport Council or naivety due to the bubble of secrecy they like to operate in? Perhaps Executive Councillor Mark Weldon, Barry Khan, the director of finance and Murray Carr, the head of property services should all go back to school. I understand that Stockport Council has sold another building to the same group of businessmen. Now I wonder that that went for.”

My addition comment to this excellent letter is that Excecutive Councillor Mark Weldon, Council Soliticitor Barry Khan were both involved with a multi million pound offence under the Fraud Act 2006 in deliberately building the Vale View School too small deliberately causing a large loss to the council taxpayers, which is an illegal act.