Email sent – 14 May 2011 09:19

Dear Mr Battersby

Thank you for your recent letter…

My complaint is that Stockport Council is wasting hundreds of police hours on a simple problem they are paid to sort out. There is an offence of wasting police time. I think that should come within your remit.

Please let me have:-

1) details of how to progress a complaint to the next stage

2) under the FOIA I should like any documents showing how you have looked into this problem in the past, as I have raised it many times before being forced to make an official complaint. Have you, for example, asked how many times the police have been called out to Mr. Parnell, how many court appearances officers have had to make, how many nights Mr Parnell has spent in police cells, what he has ever been charged with?

I shall investigate elsewhere how Mr Parnell came to have a restraining order for a crime he was acquitted of and after council employees were found in court to be lying. It seems a bit odd to me. I shall also investigate elsewhere how his restraining documents appear to be incorrectly filled out and presumably illegal anyway.

I shall take the matter to the Home Secretary if necessary. I don’t think anyone will come out of this well – not Stockport Council, not the police, not the CPS, not the Police Authority. I think the only one who will come out smelling of roses will be decent and honest – Mr Parnell.

With very warmest best wishes