Email sent 20 January 2011 17:3
Dear Mr Battersby

That is exactly my point. I have tried for over a year to act on Mr. Parnell’s behalf and the Council blocked me.

I think he has a potentially massive claim for damages against Stockport Council and if they can drive him mad or imprison him, then that will be the end of the matter. They don’t want his problem sorted out, which is a simple matter, they would rather abuse the time of the police in Greater Manchester.

I am merely highlighting the issue to relevant journalists, and if the Chief Constable would smash a few heads together at Stockport Council it wouldn’t go amiss.

Kind regards



Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 10:42 AM

Subject: RE: Further disgusting waste of police time by LibDem Stockport Council – will charges of wasting police time be brought against the Council?

Dear Ms Oliver

I am grateful to you for clarifying the position regarding your recent email to the Chief Constable. I note that you are not intending it to be read as a formal complaint against him. It would appear that the principal basis of your complaint is about Stockport Council for taking action against Mr Parnell and involving the Police.

Many thanks

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