But the CPS official at the cases I attended did all he could to have Mr Parnell sent to prison, despite the fact that he had never committed any crime and despite the fact that he was a seriously sick man. After one hearing he was sent back to Forest Bank Prison but released within days on grounds of ill health. Again, I emphasise at no time had Mr Parnell committed any crime whatsoever, so why was the nasty CPS official so intent on having him imprisoned? The case is so bizarre and dark, I suspect Masonic score settling – upset one Mason and the rest of them punish you? I don’t know if that is the case; I would welcome any other suggestions as to what on earth was going on here.

Regarding the matter of officials discussing cases openly, whilst in court I was appalled to hear several lawyers openly discussing the people on trial in derogatory terms and laughing about them. There is a general attitude of superiority and contempt, in my experience.

05 October 2009 14:16
Further to your e-mail of the 28th September 2009, sent at 19.22, and as covered in earlier e-mails, the Magistrates’ Court imposed the criminal anti-social behaviour order not that the Crown Prosecution Service. The legality of such an order is to be considered at the appeal hearing.

My lawyers and caseworkers are informed that they must not discuss cases openly in court in the presence of members of the public.

Yours sincerely

Cheryl Hramiak
Branch Crown Prosecutor
Salford/Stockport/Trafford Branch