She knew, as the Police did, that he was completely innocent. One cursory look at the case papers would have told her that. Arrested for trying to leave a council meeting early and suchlike! Arrested three times for trying to get his name, address and signature down from the Council’s website long after the Council had been informed that it was committing a Data Protection offence! Come on, Ms Hramiak, why didn’t you investigate what was going on properly? You would have saved the Parnell family much misery. Mr Parnell was aquitted of the ludicrous assault with a sneeze charges after council employees perjured themselves in court and were found out. Why on earth did the persecution continue year after year after this aquittal?

05 October 2009 14:00
Dear Mrs Oliver

“Further to your e-mail of the 29th September 2009 the subject of the legality of the ASBO and the evidence which was put before the Court, which led to Mr Parnell’s conviction, will be considered by the Crown Court as part of Mr Parnell’s appeal.

The Crown Prosecution Service continually review cases against all defendants to ensure that the evidential tests and public interest tests are met. At this stage it is our intention to proceed on the assault charges.

Yours sincerely

Cheryl Hramiak

Branch Crown Prosecutor
Salford/Stockport/Trafford Branch