Email sent – 29 September 2009 17:17

Dear C Hramiak

On reflection, this is what I think you should do:-

Examine the CCTV evidence of the non-sneeze incident and the apparently contradictory evidence from the security guards. If you are 100% certain you personally could defend that at public inquiry into the deaths of Mr. Parnell or his family, then that is fine. If not, then the further assault charges must be dropped.

If you are 100% sure that the Criminal ASBO is a legally binding and correctly drafted document, then that is fine. If not, then you cannot subject Mr. Parnell to possibly two years house arrest on the strength of it. If it is not a legally acceptable document, then he shouldn’t have spent time in Forrest Bank Prison for the ‘crime’ of using Stockport Town Hall lavatory. If it is not a legally acceptable document, then he shouldn’t have been sent back to Forrest Bank Prison a very sick man for the crime of reporting a crime to Stockport Police Station and sitting on a bench to take a stone out of his shoe. You do see my point, don’t you?

With the 90 times the police were called, 13 arrests, the court case dropped on the day of the hearing, the criminal ASBO for the alleged pre-swine flu sneeze, all the time spent in jail, were Mr. Parnell or his daughters to kill themselves, it would not be a case of yobs from a council estate harassing a family till they killed themselves, but from Stockport Council and the Crown Prosecution Service. Have you any idea what someone like Max Clifford could do with a story like that?

I look forward to your comments, or to hearing from Mr. Parnell that the further assault charge has been dropped and the house arrest order rescinded.


Mrs S J Oliver