Email sent – 22 July 2010 20:04

Dear Stockport Crown Prosecution Service

As you will, no doubt, know the Treasury is trying to decimate the CPS and close down magistrates courts by the dozen.

The CPS is countering by claiming what a vital job it does. I have today sent evidence to the Treasury of what the CPS Stockport has got up to regarding Mr Parnell, who has been to court three or is it four times in the last few months with no evidence produced at all by the CPS. He is now facing a 3 day jury trial in November at a cost of £10,000 per day. The actions of CPS prostecutor Mr Eddie Cole may not stand up to close scrutiny by Treasury officials keen to slash and burn. I hope you pass this on to Mr Cole. I am sure his colleagues will be a little annoyed that he has given the Treasury such ammunition to use against the CPS. I shall cc what I send to Keir Starmer too.

With very warmest best wishes