Email sent – 23 July 2010 06:01
Dear Stockport CPS

I enclose authority from Mr Parnell.

Please send me all details you have on him. Should you require a £10 fee I am more than happy to supply it. Please also include any communication between Stockport CPS and Stockport Council.

I shall submit any damning evidence I find to the Treasury and I always go to the top. I am certainly not going to pay £10,000 per day for his trial in November and I think the CPS will have to pay damages to him, so the longer this goes on the more you will have to pay.

Please let me know also the names of the insurers of the CPS if any. They won’t have to cover reckless or illegal behaviour, and I want to report to them to what has gone on. There is no reason they (the taxpayer) should fund any compensation, that will be down to the CPS individuals themselves, I presume, if they have acted recklessly or outside the law.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Sheila Oliver