As I foretold, it has become a tragic case, but who cares?

Email sent – 28 September 2009 19:14


I note the breaking news of the Leicestershire police admiting their failings in the death of Fiona Pilkington. We may well be dealing with the suicide of Mike Parnell, his wife or his daughters as a result of what he has been put through – 91 times the police called, 13 arrests, one court case dropped on the day of the hearing, the sending of a sick man to a nasty jail, the house arrest till who knows when. What effect would that have on his already troubled daughters?

He only wanted counselling help for his adopted daughters. We have had the suicide of the lady from Romiley who jumped off the Humber Bridge with her 9 year old autistic son and the suicide of the young girl who jumped recently from a tower block – all seriously failed by Stockport Council.

I presume the CPS viewed the original CCTV footage of the non-sneeze incident before deciding to proceed.

I sincerely hope this incident doesn’t become another such tragic case, but if it does I shall be pressing for a public inquiry into what has gone one.


Mrs S J Oliver