On 7th December 2008 I asked a public question at Stepping Hill Area Committee. On this committee were the Council Leader, Executive Councillors Hogg, John Smith and Mark Weldon, two Corris’s, Ben Alexander and Wendy Meikle.

“I often attend Stepping Hill Area Committee meetings to hear the police representative castigated by councillors for the police’s failure to respond to citizens in need of their help.

As I understand it, the Council has called the police 30 – 40 times to our gentle and well-mannered town hall protester, with the resulting hours and hours of police officer and duty solicitor time being tied up with paperwork.

Now, as I understand it, the town protester is on bail charged with common assault with a sneeze with intent to inflict a cold on a council employee.

Do you feel this is a productive use of police time?”

Sheila Oliver

(Mr Parnell was aquitted of all charges in a 3 day £10,000 per day Crown Court appeal. The council security guards were found in court to have perjured themselves regarding this matter and CCTV evidence in court showed no sneeze. However, the police continued to accept the lies told by these same security guards regarding Mr Parnell in future arrests. Something really, really stinks in LibDem Stockport where the police appear to be at the beck and call of grubby local politicians with the full connivance of the Chief Constable Fahy.)