Email sent – 21 October 2013 15.37

Dear Inspector Clitherow

Thank you for your kind response and your confirmation that Mr Parnell was never a criminal. That statement alone would mean an awful lot to his family. He was the most honest man I have ever come across.

I may be wrong, and I will correct it if I am, but I feel sure that Mr Parnell copied you into emails years prior to July 2012 about his problems.

I would willingly meet you if you have a genuine desire to sort this out. What I don’t want is what Mr Parnell was subjected to – years of pointless meetings which got him nowhere.

My complaint is not with the police – Mr Parnell told me of the many instances where the police officers were kind to him. My point is how could senior police officers like the Chief Constable allow this to go on year after year? The hours of police time wasted in the court appearances alone was shocking, never mind being called to the town hall with blue flashing lights as an emergency when he used the town hall lavatory, which he had written permission to do.

It might be more important from someone from the police to contact Mrs Parnell than to have a meeting with me, and I leave that in your hands. She told me: “If only someone had said sorry.”

Regarding the Council, this matter should have been resolved years ago by people like Sherwood, Majothi, Khan, Goddard, Webb, Derbyshire et al. They would rather abuse police resources than do the job they are highly paid to do and have a legal duty to carry out. I am trying to get them to act responsibly – I have tried for years – I shall carry on until I get somewhere with them. Also the part of the CPS in all this needs scrutiny. Vast amounts of police time was being criminally wasted by third rate local politicians, one of whom was named under Parliamentary Privilege as a cohort of a notorious gangster. It fair takes your breath away.

Again, thank you for your response. Clearing his name was one of my major objectives because his good reputation was important to him.

Kind regards



Sent: Monday, October 21, 2013 1:41 PM

Subject: Re: I would like to take up your offer of a meeting to discuss Mr Parnell’s case


I have received notification of the freedom of information request. I fully understand your point regarding meeting for meeting sake however whilst this request is processed I would like to sit down and discuss the case and the conversations I had with Mr Parnell.

As you know I only dealt with this issue after July ’12 and the issues you highlight below were prior to this.

Mr Parnell is not a criminal and our records clearly show the details of his arrests and the public records show he was not convicted. I am more than happy to address the police elements of your email but there are other elements that should be directed to the Council.

I would be grateful if you would agree to meet this matter requires resolution.

Many thanks


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