Reply from Nigel Battersby

The Police and Crime Commissioner does not wish, or can’t investigate why possibly hundreds/thousands of police man hours were wasted by the LibDem run council at Stockport in persecuting a completely innocent man over many years.

Even after Mr Parnell was acquitted in a 3 day, £10,000 per day Crown Court Appeal case where the police said they tried to contact Stockport’s Assistant Chief Executive Ged Lucas around nine times and he failed to respond (the judge Bernard Lever said when Ged Lucas was asked to appear before his court he ran for the hills), even when the Council security guards were found to have made up the ludicrous charge of assault with a sneeze and were found to have perjured themselves in court and evidence shown in court of them threatening to kick Mr Parnell’s f****** head in, even then the police kept on year after year acting on the say so of these discredited council officers and councillors and kept arresting him for offences such as trying to leave a council meeting early.

I have to ask what on earth is the point of the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner? Why waste huge sums of money on this professionally impotent individual and his deputy, Russell Bernstein?