Mr Parnell’s question to the Executive Councillor responsible, Mark Weldon LibDem, who never lifted a finger to help him despite being paid large sums to do just that:-

question is for councillor Mark Weldon

with myself being a parent, does councillor Weldon, as a corporate parent,
agree with me, that for our children and young people of Stockport, this is a
great place to be, s
much so that Stockport has the second highest number of out of the borough
looked after children in the UK, and with this Stockport is seeking to become
accredited as a host authority for looked after children?


councillor Weldon say whether it is the duty of the out of the borough
authorities placing children in Stockport, to supply their own care workers and
policing for these children, or is it our duty of this authority to provide
that help and protection to all children that are in Stockport that are
vulnerable and in need?