Mr Parnell was alleged by the Council to have held his nose on one side and deliberately inflicted an assault with a sneeze on a council security guard. The guard subsequently was found by the judge to have perjured himself in court and the CCTV of the incident showed there was no sneeze. Why did Khan, Council Solicitor, the police, the CPS proceed with such a ridiculous case which has cost the taxpayer thousands and when they held the CCTV evidence which showed no sneeze took place? My guess is some sort of Masonic vengeance club where they all get together to deal with each other’s enemies.

This is the medical report which showed that even if he had wanted to, due to previous operations, Mr Parnell could not possibly have carried out this ludicrous assault in this manner.

I have to question whether Council Solicitor Khan et al are suitable people to hold public office, I really do!