As you can see Mr Parnell had things in his council tax account which he didn’t understand and needed explanation. Surely any of us should be allowed to query incorrect bills.

Citizen’s Advice and the Council Tax Help department were situated in Fred Perry House, a Stockport Council building. If Mr Parnell entered Fred Perry House at any time he was in breach of a Criminal Asbo placed on him for alleged assault with a sneeze of which he was acquitted in a 3 day £10,000 per day Crown Court Appeal. Even though he was acquitted, he continued to have the CRASBO enforced. What was Judge Bernard Lever thinking of – enforcing a criminal asbo for a crime of which he had been acquitted? Any breach of this CRASBO carried a 5 year prison term.

So, for the dodgies at the top of Stockport Council – the Council Solicitor, the LibDem Executive – the solution was simple. Keeping sending him outrageous council tax bills (and I mention in passing the one for £24 which he didn’t owe sent to him whilst terminally ill in Intensive Care), so when he went to Fred Perry House to try to sort it out they could have him arrested with the help of your presumably Masonic friends in the police, Magistrates’ Court and Crown Prosecution Service.

He could write, you might say, but Stockport Council never replied to Mr Parnell’s letters and were sending the bailiffs round. I tried repeatedly to act on his behalf. The Freedom of Information Officer, Claire Naven, would not accept his letter of authority and said she would write to him to obtain another one. She never wrote to him. I obtained more letters from him giving me permission to act on his behalf, but they weren’t accepted. They preferred to continue to persecute this innocent, gentle man until they drove him to his death – problem solved for them!

Khan, Majothi, Schulz, Boylan, Lucas, Weldon, Derbyshire, Jones, Candler, Roberts, Bodsworth, Goddard et al.