This authority has and is failing in its duty to the laws and regulations of
the UK, the authority has failed the
system and is failing two vulnerable children
it has not ever performed an assessment of this, or given information
and advice and has delayed in helping this family, from the placement in April 1993 of two
children that were under a section 31 care order we have been abandoned and
left isolated and have still not yet
been assessed to our needs.

in this family we all the children, my wife and I are all going through a living
hell, and these children have become statistics of a failing system we should
all look to wellbeing of most importantly the most vulnerable the children who
cant protect themselves and deserve nothing but the best of all our help love
and care

listen to what I have been requesting and put in place the help that these
children deserve they have suffered enough in their lives lets all work
together to help me to help them so they can become valued adults and proud of

M s Parnell
27th February 2008

What did the vile LibDems do? – pile suffering upon further suffering on these girls right up to the hounding to death of their loving, adopted father in 2013.