Schulz never helped despite his legal obligation to do so. Is he fit to hold public office?

From Mr Michael S Parnell

Mr John Schultz Chief Executive

Services Directorate

Town Hall




Date 4th Oct 2007

Dear Sir

I Michael Stewart Parnell do hold you Mr John Schultz
Chief Executive for Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council personally
responsible for all council’s departments
to be answerable to yourself for their actions and the delays in dealing with
my situation.

as a suggestion to find out what had gone wrong
will you instruct the appropriate departments to produce a report that
takes into account of how much they know of what should have been done and why
the delay has taken so long I have tried from 1998 to get related issues

trust with your help and your investigations that this matter can before it
goes to official complaint be concluded, for what should be done, it is in bad
practice to only do things after a complaint, this shows in bad light a poor
image of a council for where I chose to live.

I along with I hope yourself want to be proud
of what this council can do and not that of being ashamed of what it does not

is not my intension to damage the image of this council but as you may probably
know I have been stood outside Stockport town hall for 13 weeks now and I will
be here or at the Houses of Parliament and other Local Authority Town Halls
until all of the issues are addressed, if there is anything you do not
understand feel free to ask, and as you have not ever replied to my previous
letters Please reply under your citizens charter I hold you to all the charters

of this letter along with any attachment will be sent to other parties.

Yours sincerely