Mr M S Parnell

Date 16 April 2008

Dear Mr Devon Sherwood

Thank you for your letter I received on the 14th
April 2008 in which you say you are intending to close my complaint because you
now feel that I have now had a comprehensive response to all the three points
that you are looking at as my complaints, Investigate all complaints.

three points being in the letter dated 10/04/08 from yourself are as,

1) request for help for your family

2) issues regarding ban to the
council premises

3) issues regarding council tax
benefit ).

you had decided to close this complaint, you write and I quote from your
letter, “However if you remain dissatisfied with the response at stage one,
could you please inform me of what aspects of the response you remain
dissatisfied with.

is my intention to respond with what I feel dissatisfied with, and in doing so,
I shall be guiding you through, in a step by step account of my complaint, it
is not intended to be made in a patronising way but in a simple straight
forward account, so as to help all other parties that will be involved to
understand what has already proceeded before now, and has brought us here to
this situation.

complaint is now to the facts, and is addressed that this local authority
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible and should act as to its
duty and to the Laws, Acts and Regulations.

the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the
Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament
assembled, and with the authority of the same.

In the issues of this complaint there has been one
fundamental issue that has been there all along, and should have been enacted
upon, this is that there were two
children and that their welfare is paramount.

the other issues are, these are complaints that are being put to Stockport
Metropolitan Borough Council, that have been required to be submitted to help secure and promote the welfare of
those two then young children, who are now, one in law is an adult of eighteen
years and the other is a child of sixteen soon to be seventeen years, that have
been both children that were looked after for the last fifteen and a half

the complaints, as with all things, they can go wrong from time to time and
this does happen, because we are, all only human, and none of us are perfect,
and we should not be, this is what makes us all individuals, but what is
important, is how when we have done a wrong, that we can acknowledge this, and
show what we can do to make amends, and show how we can change our ways to
reaffirm we won’t carry on making the same mistakes.

dealing with professionals, it should not be taken that they get things right, they too are human and we all
have made mistakes, be them slight ones, yet be it professional mistakes are
harder to put right.

consider that to formal responses, my name is Michael and request that when
replying to any correspondence it is acceptable and would please me, if you
address any letters with using Mr M Parnell or Mr Michael Parnell, this will
help secure no misunderstanding to whom, correspondence are legally addressed,
in your letter dated 10/04/08 you did not do this, just a word of advice, to
acknowledge this and to work at this, to improve your service to everyone, just
another small comment check what you are writing, small mistakes from a
professional does not build confidence ( in your letter you wrote “complains”
does this mean someone who complains, or my complaints and you also wrote “dealt”
does this mean given out, or do you mean dealt with

of us have infallibility, even myself, but let us all understand when we are
dealing with matters such as this, professionals should not just let simple
things slip, this is what can create small thing to get bigger and then cause
problems……(Quoting from Council Customer Care leaflet)

can give you help and advice?

want to make it as easy as possible for you to let us know your compliments,
comments and complaints and there are many ways of doing this. If you need any
additional help:”

Ask a member of council
staff (how could this be possible when staff have been told that when I
enter Council premises they have to contact the police in order for my removal
in the interest of their safety )

Visit your local
Citizen Advice Bureau (there
is no help here because the Citizen Advice Bureaus in
Stockport are funded by Stockport Council so the Bureaus
can’t help because of the conflict of interest)

Talk to other voluntary
agencies (I have contacted
agencies from all over the country and as most of these are charities, and
funding means their costing to help it is not beneficial to them to assist)

Seek the support of
your Councillor, or (I have
tried this to no avail the Councillors are not qualified to assist or they have
not returned my contact to them)

Contact your MP (this
has been done as far back as in 2000 and in 2005 Andrew Stunell MP stated he
was not qualified enough to help, and I should seek the advice of a lawyer,
Andrew Stunell MP did write to the Stockport Council Chief Executive then and
again in 2007 to find out what was happening and requesting to be kept
informed, and as far as it is now the Chief Executive has still not yet
replied, and after my attending The Houses of Parliament with the permission
from Metropolitan Police of London under the Serious Organized Crime Act, I
have been allowed to demonstrate at The Houses of Parliament on seven
occasions, sometimes there for twenty nine and a half hours, and after waiting
in central lobby for six hours with the placards that seem to offend Stockport
Council, why is it that in Stockport the police are called By the Council to
portray I am not of good character and I should be feared, but when at the Houses
of Parliament the police were stood along side me supporting and repeating what
I was saying to government politicians? On Gordon Brown’s first Prime Ministers
Question Time, “Good Morning” and “Hello How Are You“, on other occasions MP’s
came to me showing concerns over the problems this family was suffering. Many
MP’s wanted to help but protocol does not allow this. Ann Coffey MP took
details but could not help because she is not my MP. In the Prime Minister’s
Question Time the first one for his right Honourable Prime Minister Gordon
Brown he made a statement “ this Government is committed not just to helping
some children but to helping all children“.