14 October 2013 17:26Sheila,

I have already reviewed the below incident with Mr Parnell but am happy to discuss the matter with you. Could you let me know what days / hours suit you and I will see when we can meet.

This is a complex case which am more than happy to look into and try to resolve to the satisfaction of (hopefully) everyone concerned.

I did have productive conversations with Mr Parnell regarding his wishes in terms of resolution which I have addressed although I couldn’t do everything he wished and regrettably was not able to give him an update as he went into hospital several days after our last meeting.

I am concerned by the mention of this case on Twitter, I do not think it is a subject for discussion in such a forum. Should you still have a grievance following our meeting you are of course free to discuss as you wish but already key elements of comments on twitter are inaccurate and do little to help resolve this.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Insp Alan Clitherow
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