From the Executive Meeting Agenda document – 12/8/14

It is to be “hoped” we get our money back from the very iffy former Precinct owners. Why did Goddard, Meikle, the two Corriss, Hogg, Smith et al hand these disreputable people golden planning elephants? I could guess.

“Offerton Precinct Development

This scheme relates to the
redevelopment of the Offerton Precinct.

Possession took place on
st July 2013 whereupon payments began
to flow to the affected parties.

It is hoped that these costs will be
covered by the proposed indemnity from Tenbest. If the costs
exceed the indemnity from Tenbest, the
shortfall will be raised through Directly Funded Borrowing.

Negotiations continue with regards the
amount of compensation, with no substantive progress
having been made during Qtr 1 of
2014/15. It is unlikely that negotiations will be completed in
short term but it is hoped that they will be
completed during the current financial year.”