Email sent – 19 May 2009 01:21

Dear Mike Iveson

As you will see copied from the council’s web site on the 18th may 2009 there are still personal details being posted on the council’s website, and with the concern over my details being posted, I worry that there are those who could use them in a fraudulant way, especially when they can be found so easily. I have still not recieved a written apology from this council for my details being posted, but you must be waiting untill you have removed all of my details before you send me one. My details can still be viewed on the council’s website posted within the public domain. There are 2,237 pages where I can find these sorts of details; please feel assured that I will not use any of these details inappropriately, but their are others that might if they came across them. The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and the Information Commissioner have already recieved emails stating the concerns that some persons have to:-

Mr Paul Arnold,

Head of Front Line Operations
FOI Case Reception Unit

The Information Commissioner’s Office,

There will be far many others that will be worried if they knew how this council protected their data. We all as council tax paying residents have our details stored on this council’s failing system…

Michael Parnell