Subject: complaint procedure
Date: Sunday, 3 May, 2009, 1:53 PM
Dear Sheila

Just to let you know what has happened following Thursday questions, I was arrested on Friday and held at the police station because the person who I said was going to smash my head in and then kill me was not happy, and he works for the council. The council has asked for me to be arrested – that was Friday; I was released Saturday and again arrested Monday and put before the magistrates court, released and then again arrested Monday afternoon, released Tuesday morning again. I was arrested Tuesday dinnertime, released Wednesday dinnertime – Thursday went to Manchester to see solicitor; Friday arrested again and held at police station to be put before magistrate Saturday. In court, no charges released, only that Stockport Council requested to the courts that I was not not to be let into all council builings, and any meetings in the town hall, which the court agreed and trial for me to defend is on the 3rd of June, so untill then if I do go to any meetings I will be going against the courts, and if I walk on pavements around Stockport council owned property, or take photographs or display any signs naming the council or its employees I will be again arrested. I have copied you a email that I have sent to the council about complaining to the council, and to let you know that on Friday after the council meeting there was on the council’s web site our questions and all our details were posted for all to see. They were still there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; they can do these thing to us but it seems we have no right to complain as to how we feel; our alarm and distress – there is no one to protect us. The police go the side with the local authority. Friday I was arrested for putting up my tent on the grass outside Stopford House and going inside the tent and closing the front, and was just minding my own business and just waiting for the council to go through the council’s complaint procedure. The police said I can’t do this because I would be there forever. The police did force their way into the tent – 3 of then dragged me out put me into a van and took me away. This was not fair on me; there was a lot of members of the public watching on as with how do council employees feel then how do we feel being like this by them. Send this email to whoever you feel you must you have my consent.

Love and all the best keep going