01 May 2009 19:10

Cllr Dave Goddard <cllr.dave.goddard@stockport.gov.uk>; Cllr Mark Weldon <cllr.mark.weldon@stockport.gov.uk>; David White <dwhite1972@btinternet.com>; cllr.sue.derbyshire@stockport.gov.uk <cllr.sue.derbyshire@stockport.gov.uk>; cllr.shan.alexander@stockport.gov.uk <cllr.shan.alexander@stockport.gov.uk>; cllr.stuart.bodsworth@stockport.gov.uk <cllr.stuart.bodsworth@stockport.gov.uk>; martin.candler@stockport.gov.uk <martin.candler@stockport.gov.uk>; cllr.john.pantall@stockport.gov.uk <cllr.john.pantall@stockport.gov.uk>

Dear Executive Councillors

I have twice in the past drawn your attention to
what is happening regarding Mr. Parnell. All of you refused to express any
concern whatsoever.

Please see the attached. I would appear there is a
legal right to peaceful protest. I think the damages the Council will have to
pay Mr. Parnell will be huge for the 64 times the police were called and his
repeated stay in police cells. I assume your insurers won’t cover this illegal
activity, as they have financial problems of their own, and that this
compensation will have to come from council taxpayers’ money.

What a shame none of you acted to stop this abuse
within reasonable timescales.

I hope neither Mr Parnell nor his daughters commit
suicide, which is a possibility; in that tragic eventuality the Council will
have to pay out tens of millions of pounds.

Yours in disgust at what you allow to continue in
this rotten borough.