Mr Parnell was acquitted in a 3 day, £10,000 per day Crown Court Appeal of the ludicrious offence of an assault with a sneeze and this is the CCTV the police, the Council, the CPS and the courts had of the non-offence. I smell Masonic corruption.

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02 May 2009 07:21

Dear Councillor White

There was no spitting incident as I understand it
and no evidence of mucus on the security guard. We shall see how the court
case pans out and get the transcript under the FOI if possible. If the Council
drops it again further wasting police and court time, I assume there will be no
doubt it was all lies and compensation payments will large.

You seem to treat political opponents, whom I
assume don’t agree with you, with contempt in the local newspaper.

Can you justify the police having been called 64
times to Mr. Parnell, once I believe in response to his making a comment from
the public gallery at a full council meeting that Councillor Derbyshire had
sneezed and should be arrested? No-one from the Council would even wait after
the meeting for the police arrive and Mr. Parnell had to wait alone outside for
the police to come to explain why they had been called, so as not to further
waste police time.

I think as an Executive Councillor of a Council
which has been unreasonably harassing a peaceful protester and who was informed
twice at public meetings what was going on, then, of course, you are

I hope to obtain evidence from the police and the
courts under the FOIA of this utter and malicious waste of police and court
time, and will hopefully expose this in the press.

As further evidence of this rotten borough council,
when it was pointed out at the last full council meeting that the names,
addresses and signatures of questioners had been up on the Council’s website for
months, no action was taken to correct that Data Protection abuse and remove
those details till the following Monday afternoon, and even then this was only
done because a council taxpayer affected contacted the police and the
Information Commission. At that meeting were all the senior council officers,
executive councillors – even one who worked in a senior position at the Data
Protection arm of the Information Commission, yet no-one took anything seriously
because basically no-one senior at the Council ever listens to the

I think the contempt I feel for LibDem councillors
and MPs, always spouting their concern for the environment yet simultaneously
wanting to put a £1billion bypass through the Goyt Valley, is very

With warmest best wishes


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From: David White

To: Sheila Oliver

Sent: Saturday, May 02, 2009 2:54 AM

Subject: RE: Mr Parnell


heard the Security Guards view of the event I am disgusted by this “inflicting
and a cold”, my description would be very different and Council staff should not
be subjected to this.

on someone is not a “gentle, peaceful” act.

he has been arrested, I have neither been involved or partaken in the event.
Let justice take its course.

yourself you are entitled to your opinion but you treat people who don’t agree
with you with contempt and never listen to them.



Harry Road