15 July 2009 19:18

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Cllr Mark Weldon <cllr.mark.weldon@stockport.gov.uk>; Cllr David White <cllr.david.white@stockport.gov.uk>; MICHAEL PARNELL <mickysara@btinternet.com>; alan.rusbridger@guardian.co.uk <alan.rusbridger@guardian.co.uk>

Dear Sirs

I had to sit through a community police report at
tonight’s council meeting wherein it was explained that the local police were
unable to deal with the current level of crime, whilst outside Mr. Parnell had
the police called to him for the 87th time for his peaceful protest. I assume
he was arrested yet again for the 11th time.

Also, I said to Councillor White I would be
exercising my legal right to stand outside polling stations showing people who
approached me the Harcourt Street School contamination documents, and the
policeman said tonight the police would have to man all the polling stations in
North Reddish because of some threat. Do the police mean my right to exercise
my legal duty to stand on the pavement, not approaching anyone and showing
interested parties documents was a threat to the elections necessitating police
presence at every polling station all day? If so, then no wonder we have no
police free to deal with crime – they are being tied up doing the futile
bidding of Stockport Council.

You really couldn’t make it up.