Email received – Wednesday, 1 February 2012, 15:09

Dear Sheila

Mike here. I
am dropping you a line to let you know what is happening at this end. Today I received a letter from our MP Mr Stunell and within that letter it makes
reference to at my request he has arranged a meeting with senior council
officials to see what he can sort out. Also contained in the letter (this is
what is in my mind – I am thinking, because he is lib dem and along with the
council they might be on the back foot and ready to turn and then be on the
he makes reference to
yourself and as stated reads:- “In
the meantime I received the attached email from Mrs Oliver”
and also is written If you intend to re-engage
Mrs Oliver to act on your behalf please let me know so that he can
and then he
says “As you know, I am
ready to help, but not in competition with Mrs Oliver”,
Sheila how dare he say that and act in
such a way he is to both of us our MP and he has a duty to act on both our
behalf in response to that we have concerns over. You are the only person that
has so far given support, you
truly care
and that is a
big part in our well-being. You help because you willingly choose to, and your
help is greatly appreciated. With my warmest – thank you, Sheila.

Love Mike