Words of Mr Parnell, RIP


“Tuesday 4th January 2011. This was the first
day the Fred Perry House was opened to the public. I walked past and the
council phoned the police and they were searching for me.

The next day I stopped outside to talk to someone who told me about the day before. Then within
5 minutes the police came and arrested me – 2 oclock three police vehicles. They
took me to Cheadle Heath Police Station held me until 23:45 hrs. Released – no
charge but on police bail to go back 19th Jan.

On Tuesday 11th I went into Fred Perry
house to contact the Welfare Rights Office and was again after only 5 minutes being arrested at 1 o’clock. Released 19:30hrs. Police taking no further action. When will the council stop victimising me? They say in this
their film this building is to be accessible to all people, or is it, as the
council leader Dave Goddard says in the film, he is to breach the people in Stockport. He seems under the influence of the falling-down medicine. I hope he didn’t
drive home.”