Fahy says he never received any emails about Mr Parnell.

Email sent – 14 May 2011 09:36

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Dear Chief Constable.

Mr Parnell appears to have a restraining order for
a crime of which he was acquitted; the court found the Council employees had

1) Why would the police arrest someone for
breaching a restraining order which presumably was unenforcable, as he had been
acquitted the original offence? I wonder whether you could look into this and
let me have your comments.

2) Mr Parnell’s various banning documents
seem to be incorrectly filled out, with no mention of the legislation under
which he was being restrained and other errors. I wonder whether you could look
into this and let me have your comments.

Fortunately, the police are no longer arresting him
but the Council is still calling out the police to him, to which I believe the
police are obliged to respond. Stockport has lost 15 police officers. Local
people are themselves being asked to act as unpaid police officers. This is all
bad enough without the Council adding unnecessarily to this burden. His MP
Stunell, a negotiator of the Coalition Agreement which has led to cuts in the
police forces, refused to lift a finger to help him as the council wrongdoing
was being carried out by his political cohorts

Mr Parnell owes no council tax arrears, he is never
rude or offensive, senior council officers are paid over £100,000 per annum to
sort out problems yet they have done nothing – his problem is so simple it can
be sorted out in minutes. They are trying to send the bailiffs in for money
he doesn’t owe and his home is at risk. If he goes to the Council to sort this
out, this dubious council calls the police to arrest him on a restraining order
for a crime he was acquitted of and at his trial council officers seriously lied
to the court about. You really, really couldn’t make this up.

I am going to take this to the Home Secretary if I
get nowhere.

I have copied this to the editors of the Daily
Mail and Guardian.

I look forward to hearing from you