Email sent – 11 October 2012 08:11

Dear Chief Constable

As you know I have previously raised the matter of
Mr. Parnell and Stockport Council with you and eventually you stopped your
officers from arresting him.

I have to say that maybe your two officers who
tragically lost their lives in Mottram would have been better served by you had
you not allowed literally thousands of police man hours to be wasted on Mr.
Parnell’s case and diverted those resources to dealing with the true crime
situation in Greater Manchester. However, that is now between you and your

The matter that concerns me now is that
Stockport police station is moving to Fred Perry House. Due to the – shall we
say idiosyncratic – nature of senior councillors and council officers at
Stockport, it is claimed that Fred Perry House is not a new building but simply
a re-naming of Ponsonby House ( I know, that’s what I thought too!). Mr Parnell
is banned by a Criminal ASBO, imposed on him for a crime of which he was
acquitted, from entering Ponsonby House, which as we have learned has now been
re-named at a cost of £12 million as Fred Perry House. If the Council arrests
Mr Parnell in future on a trumped-up charge, such as leaving a council meeting
early or using the town hall loo despite written permission to do so, and the
police take him into Fred Perry House, then he faces 5 years in prison for each
time they have him arrested (for an offence of which he was acquitted). If he
goes to the new police station for any reason – to report a lost or stolen item
or to hand in anything he has found – then he faces 5 years in prison for each
time he enters. I have no doubt you will appreciate the lunacy of this
situation brought about by the assorted fruitcakes who run Stockport Council and
aided and abetted by your actions over many years.

I would be interested in any comments you wish to
make about this matter, which will be posted up on my website. In the run up to
the next general election, which will be a very hard-fought one, every time the
LibDems mention their commitment to civil liberties in any newspaper, I shall
bung up a link to my website. So, we need to sort this matter out now, as you
should have done years ago, to avoid embarrassment to you and, let’s not forget,
further intolerable strain being put on Mr. Parnell. I wait to hear from

Kind regards