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Dear Mr Schultz

Mr Parnell has been sent to a particularly nasty
prison maybe until January 2010. We all know he did nothing – there was no
sneeze on the CCTV, which was not allowed to be shown in the Magistrate’s
court. This sentence beggars belief.

He is a very sick man and I think he is likely to
go on hunger strike. If he dies, I will take apart all that has gone on and
seek prosecutions against all who lied and acted in such an unreasonable way to

Despite pontificating in the local press about the
wrong people being in prison, his local MP, as one has come to expect from him,
has done nothing.

If Mr Parnell dies in prison, there are a lot of
people at Stockport Council who will be held to account.


Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information

Free Mr Parnell, victim of a
corrupt council.