Email received – 02 April 2013 22:24

Dear lighthearted folk

Just a quick hello. If you phone Stockport council, like I did last week, you could be put on hold and left listening to the attached
song by snow patrol. I was left for 20 minutes listening, so while I was waiting
I put the words to script and went and waited in Fred Perry House. I sat on the
floor and while waiting played the song and lyrics on my phone. The funniest
thing – a lady on an internal phone was also waiting and laughed because she was
listening to the same from two different sources. She liked mine best because
she followed the lyrics with a smile and it was followed by many others there who were also
waiting. A kind police desk clerk informed me the police had been called and
were on their way, so to avoid arrest might I leave before they arrived. Council
security guards were not very pleased, but it is quite OK for us to be kept
waiting. Take note of the words that are sung in the lyrics; the council should
read and listen themselves, then they will understand,
I did not get arrested
and later contacted the police who haven’t commented they will be taking any action. Only smiles the lighter side of peaceful protest; make people smile and they will
be on your side.

From Mike. Keep your chin up and a smile a day will keep
the Council at bay.

The vicious and vile Stockport LibDems didn’t arrest him that time. Hurrah.