Email sent – 26 March 2012 19:27

c.c. Anwar Majothi <>; MICHAEL PARNELL <>; <>; Leader <>

Dear Mr Houston

Regarding the letter sent by you on 8th
March 2012, I can’t request Mr Majothi carries out the stage
2 complaint process because he is up to his neck in this case. He should
have realised the Council had a statutory duty to help Mr Parnell and got off
his bottom and done something. He didn’t – year after year after year.
He is a massive part of the problem. You will have to deal with
the Stage 2 complaint.

I have heard nothing back from Mr Parnell, so the letter of authority
stands until you send me written confirmation that he doesn’t want me to act
for him or I hear further from him. I am happy not to act on his behalf
as I have a lot on my plate, but I wonder if the two council officers you
mention are the same ones who threatened to kill him, kick his f*cking head in
and ram his phone so far up his backside he would be sh*tting phone parts for a
week, or, indeed, the ones who attacked him. Or, I wonder if they
are officers who knew all this was happening (I sent you the video
evidence) and did nothing about it. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t
take the word of anyone at Stockport Council. Documentary evidence is needed
before I stand down.

I am taking the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate,
who have recently been very critical of the CPS. I didn’t know they
existed. Mr Parnell’s case should never have been taken by them to court
as they failed to prove the five statutory tests they need to establish
before taking a case forward, and they took a huge number of cases
forward against him.

So, no whitewashes please. Just do your job and do it properly and
every step of the way I shall keep interested parties informed of your

Just some points from your letter which need raising:-

1) “this letter has addressed the issues raised under Stage 1 of the
Council’s corporate complaints procedure.”
No, it

2) “I have decided not to uphold your complaint”.
This is not surprising but nevertheless disappointing. You were, of
course, always likely to support Mr Khan.

3) “It would be inappropriate for the Council to investigate the
complaints you have raised on behalf of Mr. Parnell…..he subsequently spoke
to two Council Officers to retract the consent.”

This comment is unacceptable. It is vital to know who these
supposed council officers are? Please detail their names
and the circumstances of this alleged encounter.

4) “As you no longer have authority to act on behalf of Mr Parnell,
the Council is not obliged to investigate the issues you have raised on his
I do have authority unless you prove

I have experience of the Council’s complaints system which is
innavigable. I raised with Mr. Majothi the fact that the school which I
correctly stated had a £5 million black hole in its funding, was to be put on
unremediated toxic waste. I got nowhere with Mr. Majothi and I think you
will realise that I am no quitter. He is impossible to deal with.
There are entire websites devoted to the sheer incompetence of our Local
Ombudsman and as they employ former senior council officers, their impartiality
is in doubt.

5) I have repeatedly raised this matter with the former Chief
Executive, the Leader, the Current Chief Executive, Khan, Webb and all the
Executive Councillors. I have the email evidence. To say I have not
raised this matter before is an untrue statement and I wonder why you
should claim that despite a large amount of documentary evidence to the
contrary. I have been branded vexatious for contacting the Council
repeatedly. If the Council stopped sending innocent council
taxpayers to prison and failing to investigate their valid complaints, there
would need to be less contact.

6) “Mr Parnell should have complained about these issues sooner”.
Mr Parnell tried and tried and tried, as can be confirmed by the local
reporter. He was repeatedly arrested for trying to enter council
buildings. I have had to plead with the police not to arrest him for
trying to leave a council meeting early. You forget there is masses of
documentary police and court evidence. Please do not insult my
intelligence by making such ludicrous statements which are ill-befitting to a
senior and highly paid Council officer.

Your letter is full of shoulds and mays and inappropriates and when you
say it is difficult to investigate Mr Khan you mean you really don’t want to.

Please proceed with this complaint and do so in an honest and
professional matter, bearing in mind the close scrutiny to which your replies
and indeed the whole complaint process at Stockport Council will be put.