Ms Lynn Charlton

Chief Executive

After Adoption,
Unit 5 Citygate,
5 Blantyre Street,
M15 4JJ

November 17, 2013

Dear Ms Charlton

Re: Mr
Michael Stuart Parnell RIP, who had been receiving an excellent service from After Adoption, until
Stockport Council stopped funding it.

A gentle, peaceful protester adopted two troubled daughters
from Stockport Council. The girls had had a terrible time with their birth
parents. One had the incorrect details
on her official documents, so if she was taken to Accident and Emergency she
didn’t officially exist and couldn’t be treated. Mr Parnell just asked for his legal right of
counselling for his two daughters.

After a decade of having this refused by Stockport Council,
he decided to stand on the town hall steps – night and day – until the Council
helped him. What happened was hundreds of times the police were called to him,
dozens of arrests, an attempted suicide in a police cell, repeated
incarceration in a tough Manchester prison, 2 years 8am to 8pm house arrest,
persecution from the Council with fictitious council tax arrears, cancer he and
his family felt was brought on by the stress, the hounding of this man whilst
he was in Intensive Care over an alleged debt of £24 and taking him to court on
the day of his cancer operation. He has
now sadly died.

This was state-condoned human rights abuse. I sent Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
evidence of what was being done to this man by his party members over many
years; he refused to act. I told the
Liberal Democrats propaganda newspaper, LibDem Voice, what was going on; I told
every LibDem MP and I told the LibDem Member of the European Parliament Chris
Davies. No-one could have cared any less.

I told the Liberal Democrat Lords, including Lord Avebury,
who bleats about human rights abuses but not when they are carried out by his
own political cohorts, I told Secretary of State Eric Pickles, I told the
Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer, I told the Chief Constable of
Greater Manchester Fahy, I told the Chair of the Police Authority for Greater
Manchester Councillor Murphy. Everyone was blind to what was being done to this
gentle, peaceful man who only wanted his lawful right to help for his lovely

I am sure you will be as shocked as I have been through all
this disgusting process and how Andrew Webb can continue in high office with
all this at his door is beyond my

Yours sincerely

Sheila Oliver (Mrs)

PS I need no
acknowledgment of this letter