Decent and Honourable Dr John Pollard

HM Coroner

Mount Tabor


Friday, December 07, 2012

Dear Dr Pollard

Some time ago I
wrote to you regarding the tragic case of the viciously abused town hall
protester. You wrote back expressing
concern, and I know you would have helped had you been able.

This is just to
update you on the further disgusting developments.

Most details
(although some yet to be posted up showing all the responses from officials who
have turned a blind eye) are up on my website:

This shows videos
of the abuse, the beatings, the intimidation suffered by Mr Parnell at the
hands of Stockport Council. Having been
previously driven to attempt suicide in a police cell by them, he is now
classed by them as a vulnerable council taxpayer. I shudder to think how they would treat more
robust ones like me! I have checked all
his council tax payments and he owes no money.
Even if he did, which he doesn’t, these arrears should have been written
off by Mr Peter Jones of SMBC in charge of council tax collection. What
they are doing is transferring payments from later years to pay off fictitious
earlier years arrears with the knock on effect that it appears he owes money
for current years, which he doesn’t. When he goes to the Council-connected Magistrates Court they are not interested in what they term
“history”. They then have the bailiffs at his house (and
please remember he has vulnerable, troubled daughters adopted from Stockport
Council). If he goes to Fred Perry House
to access Citizens Advice or to try to sort this out with the Council, (which
for the purposes of intimidating and arresting Mr Parnell they class as not a
new building but simply a re-naming of Ponsonby House at a cost of £12
million!) they have him arrested for breach of a Criminal ASBO not to enter
Ponsonby House. This CRASBO was imposed for a “crime” – assault with a sneeze –
of which he was acquitted at Manchester Crown Court in an expensive 3 day
appeal at which council employees were found to have lied in court about the
case. If he was acquitted of the crime,
why is the CRASBO still in force and why is the Council vindictively enforcing
it? Surely the Council Solicitor, Mr
Barry Khan – one of the key players in this Kafkaesque tragedy – can see that
is not in accordance with the law. Apparently not.

All Mr Parnell was
asking for over 10 years ago was counselling for his troubled daughters adopted
from Stockport Council. They had a legal duty to supply this and they had circa
£600,000 from the Government to fund it.
They spent it on something else.
It was simple to sort out his problem – I offered circa 2005 to do this
in minutes. They prefer to carry on
wasting police time, court time, hundreds of thousands of pounds taxpayers’
money but more importantly driving Mr & Mrs Parnell and their lovely
daughters into a morass of desperation.

Mr Anwar Majothi,
the Council’s Complaints Officer, his line manager Mr Adrian Moores, the Chief
Executive Eamonn Boylan, the current and former leaders of the Council, Mr
Andrew Webb, Director of Children’s Services, Mr Mark Hunter MP, Mr Andrew
Stunell MP, Ged Lucas, former deputy Chief Executive, all the Executive
Councillors and last but certainly not least Mr Barry Khan, Council Solicitor,
are all up to their necks in this vindictive abuse of an honest family who have
done no wrong – merely asked for much needed counselling for their daughters
adopted from SMBC.
These are many of the same people involved with the awful cases of
Andrea Adams and Alison Davies and her son Ryan who jumped from the Humber Bridge. SMBC said they would help people who came
to them needing help with vulnerable children.
They have engaged in a years and years long vendetta against Mr Parnell
repeatedly incarcerating him in tough Forrest Bank prison, despite being aware
of his serious health problems.

I am writing to
you now because of Mr Parnell’s further life threatening health problems, which
I shall detail on a separate sheet to protect his privacy – having tried absolutely
everyone else – the Chief Constable who allows hundreds of hours of police time
to be wasted, the Crown Prosecution Service who I can only assume are in some
sort of Masonic revenge club, the Greater Manchester Police Authority, the
Department of Education who astonishingly think Mr Webb is a suitable person to
act as a Government advisor, the Ombudsman – no-one cares and I can quite
easily see how nobody reporting the Savile abuses was listened to – that is
what happens when the perpetrators are in positions of power. Khan, Webb, Boylan, Derbyshire, Majothi are
all fully aware of his further serious health problems, yet they are still
having him arrested for entering Fred Perry House to try to sort out the
non-existent council tax arrears they are using to further hound him.

I am writing to
let you know if you do have in the near future to deal with the inquest on Mr
Parnell or (and I hope not) the suicide of his lovely wife or daughters, you
will know who has been responsible. I
truly believe these people are sociopaths.
I have told them hundreds of times the effect of what they are doing on
this family and they simply cannot see what they are doing to a vulnerable,
decent family who had enough on their plate to start with without the
vindictive actions of councillors and council officers at Stockport.

Kind regards

Sheila Oliver

PS On a further worrying note, these same
officials – the Executive Councillors, Khan, Majothi, Boylan, Web, Derbyshire
are all also responsible for putting a 550 primary school at North Reddish on
unremediated toxic waste – lead, arsenic and brown asbestos. With the full
knowledge that the site was contaminated they tried to do no contamination
remediation whatsoever. Eventually there
were forced to do minimal work, but as you could see from this You Tube clip
they didn’t remove the brown asbestos.
Just some blokes ambling about with bin bags and a stick. One even takes off his own respirator, so he
has no understanding of the important task he is carrying out. Builders walk past completely unprotected and
the site was not fenced off whilst this supposed brown asbestos removal was carried
out. They just paid lip service to
it. I told them the brown asbestos was
not being removed properly and they banned my comments and me as “vexatious”. So, if shortly you get cases in babies and
primary school children and surrounding residents of mesothelioma deaths – then
these same officials are responsible. These are not fit people to hold public