Mr Parnell died aged just 58, hounded by the Stockport LibDem council even whilst terminally ill in Intensive Care. He was acquitted on appeal, but for some reason he continued to be punished for a ludicrous assault with a sneeze which they all knew hadn’t happened with repeated imprisonments and house arrests until the day he died. Well done Lord Goddard, you must be extremely proud of yourself.


I, Michael Stewart
Parnell being of sound mind do make this statement on this day the 14th
of September 2009 from Forest Bank Prison, Agecroft Road, Pendlebury Manchester M27

I do declare that
in the interest of justice I request that the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 6
be applied. This is requested following
the local authorities and its partners’ breach of the above said Act and that
all of my human rights issues should be applies to the victimization by the
local authority and its partners who have breached many articles of the said

My reason for
making this statement is that the local authority is killing me. I say this knowing that my body is dying from
inside and I don’t know how long I can keep this up to prove the council’s wrongdoings.

Article 2 of the
Human Rights Act 1998 is to protect life.
I believe in the UK we don’t have the death penalty any more.
Well, someone should tell Stockport Council that, because they think we still
have. I make this declaration as to the

The recorded high
blood pressure readings 176/143. – lowest level 143/119, Hypoglycemic
condition – the noting of my ketonuria –
my urine being a bright orange colour – the sign that I am in ketosis – that my
body is breaking down whatever fat I can to survive this is being brought about
because I believe if something is worth fighting for then it is worth dying
for. From the penultimate appearance in
court I have been on hunger strike such that today I start the third week. My last weight in Forest Bank was 17st 4lbs
and today it is 16 stone. My body is
shutting down and my heart is struggling to fight my failing organs. I also
refuse treatment, tests of any sort that would constitute an assault against my
person. I have been assaulted by the
local authority with greater severity than a sneeze of which I was
accused. This conviction is in appeal
and beyond all doubt I will prove the conviction is unsafe. Documented evidence and film footage will
show this allegation was maliciously fabricated to divert justice from the
local authority’s criminal activities. I
make a statement that the Leader of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Mr
Dave Goddard, has in the sight or hearing used words to harass that have caused
alarm and distress to more than one person on more than one occasion a section
5 Public Order Offence, and this has been done for the purpose of slandering my
character so as to discredit my right to peacefully protest my freedom of
expression and thought and conscience. The local authority and all of its
partners under the Human Rights Act 1998 have to act in a way that is
compatible with all of those rights. I make a declaration that I, Michael
Stewart Parnell have had my rights breached by those classed as local

If my rights fail
to be upheld then certainly my death will be the outcome – to live under a
local authority (Stockport Council) that acts unjustly is not where I choose to
be and in my mind I will fight for those rights, but in body I have no control.

Michael Stewart

Dieu Et Mon Droit