Mr Parnell’s affidavit to try to get a writ of Habeas Corpus against Stockport Council Solicitor Barry Khan. “I, Michael Stewart Parnell do swear that this written affidavit is to the best of my knowledge a true and correct statement and thus by almighty god I solemnly do swear it is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Over a past number of years (11), I have been in dispute with a local authority, (Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council) in trying to get appropriate care for two children that were placed with my wife and myself, we were both together recommended and approved by SMBC to be adoptive parents for up to three children, two children were matched and placed with us from the care system (section 31) and the dispute is that SMBC are passing the book (sic) to who they say they think should be responsible for the care of those two children.

In my request for help with these two children SMBC have stated that if I am not happy with the service they have not provided, then I must put forward a complaint to them, this I have done and SMBC in response had unlawfully banned myself from any council property and imposed restrictions on contact, those being written, telephone/email and verbal contact.

The unlawful ban that was imposed and supported by letter was addressed to Mr S Parnell that is only one of the many clerical errors the council have administered, and the unlawful ban has been in place since October 2005, and has meant we are still waiting for my complaint to be followed through. I must now take some form of control and ask by what authority can SMBC put this family through the traumas we have been left to suffer, and why when there is in statute is SMBC breaching the laws of the land, under Adoption and Children Act 2002 SMBC have grossly failed to their statutory duty.

I have stood on Stockport Town Hall steps waiting in my peaceful protest since 26th June 2007.”

Wednesday, 1st April 2009