Mr Keir Starmer

Director of Public Prosecutions

Crown Prosecution Service

50 Ludgate Hill



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dear Director of Public

Re Michael Stuart Parnell RIP – FOI request (there is
no data protection for the dead)

I enclose letters sent to
you in the past, which were in the main ignored. Mr Parnell has now died, and I
witnessed some of the appalling treatment meted out to him by the CPS and one prosecutor
in particular (a certain Eddie Cole???).
Mr Parnell and his family believe he was pushed to an early grave at the
age of 58 largely by what was done to him by the CPS, the Police, the
Magistrates’ Court and Stockport Council.
Please may I have copies of all documents relating to his many

The police have recently confirmed he was never
guilty of any offence.

Secondly, a John Derbyshire,
CPS paralegal, claimed for the purposes of continuing to have the CRASBO
enforced even after he was acquitted that Fred Perry House is simply a
re-naming of Ponsonby House. Who gave him this information? If he knows Stockport at all or ever attends the courts next door, he will be perfectly aware
that Ponsonby House was knocked down and Fred Perry House put in its place at a
cost of £12 million. This smacks of
corruption to me, and he has the same surname as the Leader of Stockport
Council Sue Derbyshire, one of the biggest villains in the human rights abuses
committed against Mr Parnell.

I haven’t spoken to his
family about this – and they are trying to come to terms with their loss and
the horror they have experience over the past decade at the hands of your
corrupt employees, but if they decide to sue it would be a multi-million pound

I look forward to receiving
the FOI evidence.


Sheila Oliver