“Our next Potatoes & Politics event will take place on Thursday, 15th September from 7pm at Putney Library.

It will be a Conference Preview and we are delighted to be joined by Dr Mark Pack, co-editor of Lib Dem Voice, Head of Digital at MHP communications, former Campaign Manager for Lynne Featherstone and all-round good egg. Mark has authored several motions to this year’s federal conference and will point out the areas to look our for

Should we decriminalise drugs?
Reform the Lords?
End the gay blood donation ban?

Tickets cost £15 per person and include supper and drinks. Please contact Lisa Smart (lisa@lisasmart.org.uk, 07803 892025) if you would like to come along.”




“Mark Pack

Liberal Democrat commentator and public relations expert


What’s coming up at conference? Potatoes and politics on
15th September

AUGUST 26, 2011
– 8:55 AM

Potatoes and politics. Almost as good a combination as choco

late and constitutions. But potatoes and politics it is on
15th September when I’m heading over to Putney Library to talk about what’s
coming up on the Liberal Democrat autumn conference agenda.

With issues such as Lords reform, drugs decriminalisation
and ending the gay blood donor ban on the agenda there will be plenty to debate
at conference. In addition to giving an overview of the likely main
controversies I’ll also be highlighting some of the less headline-catching but
important ways in which people at conference will be able to influence the way
the party is run and what ministers do in government.

So I hope you can come to the event, the details of which

15 September, 7:00pm –

Putney Library

5-7 Disraeli Road

Putney, SW15 2DR

Tickets cost £15 per person and include supper and
drinks. Please contact Lisa Smart (lisa@lisasmart.org.uk) if you
would like to come along …”